Outdoor team

J2 / F2 Outdoor team our own way of supporting Sport.

At F2 Servid we are very passionate about sport, and we share the values of effort, perseverance and work as a way to achieve goals. For this reason, we have come together to create the J2 / F2 Outdoor team.

A project that we are especially excited to share with all of you, and that we hope will have a long way to go.  With J2 / F2 outdoor team we support outdoor and sports in general and share the passion for nature of all those who have already joined us.

Long distance trail running athlete Anna Comet is now part of the J2 / F2 Outdoor team.

We admire Anna’s vitality, her values and her achievements, and that is why we are very happy that she is part of the J2 / F2 outdoor team.

Her career in trailrunning began together with ski mountaineering, combining both sports depending on the time of year until 2014. Finally, in 2015 she decided to bet on trailrunning and focus on more ambitious goals that required specific planning.


Logistic Partners in Aran by UTMB

As a leading company in the sector of merchandise protection, we joined the latest edition of Val d’Aran by UTMB® as Official Logistic Partner. We did it by contributing our experience and our products during the transport of the organization’s material, so that everything arrived in perfect condition and runners could enjoy what is really important, sports and the mountains.