Big bags for the packaging of your products

Design and distribution of bags

Why use big bags?

  • It is the best system for packaging your merchandise.
  • It is used in both storage and transportation.
  • It allows all types of goods and there are various sizes and models.
  • It is a very economical system thanks to its low cost.
  • Different loading and unloading options
  • Possibility of inner bag (ALUMINIUM, PE, PP)
  • Possibility of custom manufacturing and in different formats.
  • Clean Room
  • Safety factor 5:1 or 6:1
  • Load capacity and resistance up to 2,000 kg
  • Quality certificates and approvals.

Store your merchandise with BigPacks bags

We offer multiple models of Big Bags for the storage and transport of your cargo

Different options

At F2 Servid we have a wide range of bags so you can find the one that best suits the needs of your merchandise. In addition, we are able to cover emergencies with short-term deliveries and we also have a large warehouse to store our clients’ Stock at no cost.

Different sectors of application

Big Bags are used by multiple industries. They are used by most manufacturers in the chemical sector, along with sectors such as minerals, food, cement, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, plastics, fertilizers, etc.

Suitable for hazardous materials

We have BigPacks specially designed for the transport of hazardous, corrosive and polluting materials, following the main current regulations.

ISO Certification

All the Big Bags that we offer at F2 Servid, both those that we distribute and those that we manufacture, comply with the EFIBCA regulations and we also have the ISO certification.

Bigpack categories

Discover the Big Bag that best suits your product

Models BigPack

Customize your Big Bag in the format that suits your needs