F2 Servid

References in the merchandise packaging sector

More than 50 years of experience

Reference in the world of industrial packaging

From F2 Servid we represent and distribute the best national and international firms of products for the packaging of goods, both for the warehouse and for their transport.

Our extensive catalog allows us to offer our customers the industrial packaging solution that best suits the needs of the merchandise and the industrial sector to which they belong.

For this reason, and given our experience, we have gained customer loyalty with a very close and personalized treatment, one of the characteristic features of our company.

We work with different sectors, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, recycling, plastic, cement, fertilizers, additives, hazardous materials… 

With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, at F2 Servid we are aware that each industry needs a type of container and packaging that adapts to its merchandise. For this reason, in addition to offering our clients multiple quality references, one of our hallmarks is the extensive knowledge and advisory service; listening, understanding and studying the needs of each client in order to offer the best solution.

We have six generic categories of products that complete a catalog in which we can provide solutions to our customers: Big Bags (distribution of bags), slings for transport loading, structures for storing BigPacks, personalized bags, non-slip to stabilize the merchandise and collapsible and stackable containers for storage.

In addition, at F2 Servid we have an R&D department from where we constantly research new solutions and innovate new products for packaging your merchandise.

Our facilities have more than 3,000 m2. We use a large part of these to maintain the stocks of our clients and at the same time we offer them the SS stock-service-Control, a personalized service created to control the orders of each client and make forecasts in each case.

We work every day to offer you the best solution to pack your merchandise.