Do you want to print your Big Bags with high photographic quality images?

Service available in PP woven raffia bags

BOPP laminated raffia bags are great for high quality and full color printing. They are waterproof and 100% recyclable. Its main feature is the protection barrier they offer to prevent the entry or exit of moisture. This material is easy to print and at the same time obtain an excellent photographic image quality, which increases the added value of the product.
  • High quality photo print.
  • 25-50 kg bags (other sizes available).
  • Excellent permeability to water vapor.
  • Less plastic and greater resistance.
  • Excellent gloss and great transparency.
  • Low carbon footprint, 100% recyclable.
  • Sectors: Animal nutrition, food, agriculture,
    fertilizers, seeds, and many more.

Ask our commercials about the possibilities of personalization with BOPP printing