Load slings for transport

The easiest, cheapest and simplest way to save on your exports

Why should I use a Slingpack?

  • Easy placement and handling
  • Avoid unnecessary costs, cheaper than a pallet
  • Ideal for loads in the ship’s hold and to avoid high freight charges.
  • Certificates of quality and resistance
  • Environmentally friendly

Save on your exports with the SlingPack system

A simple and quality system to group your cargo

Several models

Depending on the needs of your cargo, at F2 Servid we offer four different models of SlingPack.

Personalized design

If our slings do not fit your needs, we offer personalized advice to make designs according to your needs.

SlingPack Categories

Slings to transport your cargo


SlingPack Standard

The simplest model of SlingPack, but still of great quality. Its base is formed by two diagonal slings.


SlingPack Base

Similar to the SlingPack Standard, this model of slings is made with a PP base for greater load retention.


SlingPack Box

This design of cargo slings is the most used and demanded. It has a box shape and is ideal for use in the palletizing system.


SlingPack Bag

It is a model similar to the BigPack, since it is a type of sling that covers the entire load, providing much more support.