Anti-slip protectors to stabilize the merchandise

Avoid slippage problems when palletizing your load

What benefits does grippack have?

  • It can be applied in all types of bags
  • It allows the load to be separated easily and without breakage.
  • Economic savings compared to other systems
  • Ecological product, it is not toxic and, in addition, it does not leave residues.

Avoid merchandise slip

An ecological and economical system to avoid falls during palletizing
Appropriate in different types of loads

It can be applied to all types of paper bags, PE and PP bags, cardboard boxes, cellophane or raffia.

Ecological and waste-free system

Protect the environment and avoid mountains of plastic waste such as stretch film, stretch hood, anti-slip sheets, etc…

Grippack Categories

The cleanest and most ecological product for the stabilization of your merchandise



It is a water-based, soluble and solvent-free liquid solution that prevents the merchandise from slipping. Applied in small quantities in all types of paper bags, PE and PP bags, cardboard boxes, cellophane or raffia; This product secures and stabilizes the load from the moment it is palletized until it is unloaded.

The GripPack allows you to separate the load easily and without breakage. In addition, it leaves no residue and is a sustainable product.


GripPack System

Using GripPack is easy thanks to our quick connector system that we can use both manually and on our automatic application machines.