BigPack Q BAG

Optimize space with BigPack Q BAG

The bag with reinforced panels that provide rigidity and stability

Big Bag Standard

BigPack Q Bag

The option to a rigid container

The BigPack Q Bag offers resistance similar to a rigid container for the transport and storage of your merchandise


Thanks to its construction with reinforced panels, it maximizes the space inside the truck or container, maintaining its stable shape.

BigPack Q Bag, save on transportation

The best solution to take advantage of the space inside the truck or container

Q Bag Standard Baffle

Q Bag Corner Buffle

Q Bag Net Baffle

Q Bag Net Buffle

Q Liner

Q Bag Q Liner inner bag

Models BigPack Q Bag

Customize your Q Bag in the format that suits your needs

· Different loading and unloading options

· With or without inner bag

· Available in circular model, U-Pannel, Q-Bag

· Various Fabrics: plasticized, conductive

· Customizable (Printing)