BigPack Electrostatic

Avoid the danger of static electricity

The best solution to avoid a risky situation

Type A

It does not have any static protection

Type B

Also known as antistatic, they do not have any protective properties against the accumulation of static electricity. However, the Big Bag type B fabric has a lower breakdown voltage (< 6 kV). They are identified with a yellow label

Type C

Also known as CONDUCTIVE, they are designed in a fabric with conductive carbon threads interconnected with each other, with a surface tension of less than 10^7 Ohm. This type of Big Bag requires a ground connection during loading and unloading of the Big Bag.
They are identified with a yellow label.

Type D

Also known as dissipative. Thanks to the fabric with which they are made, they safely release the energy generated into the atmosphere and do not need to be connected to a ground connection, avoiding human errors in handling. However, it is essential that in order to work safely, the immediate area must be in top condition.
Minimum Ignition
Non-flammable atmosphere
Explosive dust atmosphere
Explosive gas or vapor atmosphere
EMI > 1000 mJ
A, B, C and D
B, C and D
C y D
1000 mJ > EMI > 3 mJ
B, C and D
B, C and D
C and D
EMI < 3 mJ
C and D
C and D
C and D

Models BigPack Electrostatic

Customize your BigPack Electrostatic in the format that suits your needs

· Different loading and unloading options
· Homologations
· Inner bag option
· Available in circular model, U Pannel, Q Bag
· Customizable (impressions – Printing)